Ramadan Trends we officially hate!


There is so much we love about Ramadan; traditions, the atmosphere and the food of course. However, then there are many emerging Ramadan trends that we simply hate! Here are Ramadan trends we believe should come to an end!


Over-priced Kheyam

Kheyam have become increasingly popular and so have their prices. You basically get what you would eat at home for crazy prices. Since they’re so overcrowded, you get your food late and cold. Why would we pay so much money for that?


Red Velvet Everything

Red velvet konafa, basbousa, bala7 el sham, atayef, we can go on and on. Egyptians have over-done the red velvet craze and we are over it! We can’t wait to go back the traditional Ramadan desserts.


Over-dressed to Tarawee7

It seems like people might be misunderstanding tarawee7. It is a time to pray and connect with God. Not a time to show off you new 3abaya and full makeup; no one cares!

el nazer

Mosalsalat Junkie

Contrary to popular belief, Ramadan is not about mosalsalat. Some people make their lives revolve around the timings of their favorite series and spend all day on the couch watching TV! You’d better cancel your plans with them before they do.


Khayameya Craze

Khayameya is pretty and everything, but not when it’s everywhere! On windows, in the streets, inside malls, its literally everywhere you look! There are other Ramadan decorations you know, especially that this one makes it look like we’re in a 3aza.


Too Many Commercials

While watching an hour of TV, 40 minutes of that is commercials, and when you go out, people are discussing – and even worse, quoting – the new Ramadan commercials more than anything else.

belly dancer

Belly Dancer for So7our

This trend has to come to an end, for so many reasons! Ramadan is a spiritual time, so watching a belly dancer while having so7our really just defeats the purpose!


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