Ramadan Series Drama

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For the second year, the duet of Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji and director Syrian Wael Ramadan join forces on set to come up with the awaited serial Cleopatra. Sulaf will play the strong, romantic yet villain character of the Queen of Egypt. Legendary Youssed Shabaan will play Ptolemy along side Fatthy Abdel Wahab and other new talents from the Arab region.


Malika Fel Manfa (Queen in Exile)

 Nadia El Guindy lives the life of Queen Nazli and the beginning of her marriage to King Fouad  when he was chosen by Britain to govern Egypt. After the revolution and the Queen’s exile, the episodes takes us to a ride of the historic journey to Europe in 1972, and the Queen’s role in stabilizing her son, King Farouk to the throne after the death of his father.

Zahra w Azwagha El Khamsa (Zahra and her 5 husbands)

A controversial name and a controversial star, Ghada Abdel Razik’s new serial is expected to be the talk of many ladies in Ramadan tents. Zahra played by Ghada, is a young woman who is desired by many men, who are only after her money. The serial combines various artists like Hassan Youssef, Medhat Saleh, Bassem Bakhour and Karima Mokhtar, and it’s directed by Ahmed El Nokaly.

3ayza Atgawez (I want to get married)

Hend Sabry is young, single and looking. She wants to get married as soon as possible before she misses the marriage train that everyone is warning her of. The audience will take a ride with Hend through her search for the right groom, in a light and fun serial with the super talented star.

Yawmeyat 3anes (Diaries of a spinster)

Wow, again spinsterhood hits our screens and this time it’s the legendary Elham Shaheen who’s not just looking for a groom, but is looking for the perfect life to live as a middle-aged virgin. The serial consists of 15 episodes only, played by many stars like Nashwa Mustafa, Menna Fadaly, Samira Abdel Aziz and Maha Abu Ouf.

El gama3a (The brotherhood)

The series follows the life story of the founder of the Muslim brotherhood Hassan El Banna and the people he dealt with throughout his life. Hassan el Banna will be played by Iad Nassar. Other stars include, Hassan el Rada, Ezzat El Alayly and Amr Waked.

Mesh Alf Leila we Leila (Not a thousand and one nights)

A spoof of one thousand and one nights starring Ashraf Abd el Baky, takes a modernized spin on the classic one thousand and one nights novel. Also starring, Riham Abdel Ghafour, Ahmed Rateb, Mahmoud el Gendy, Hassan Mostafa and Khayreya Ahmed.

El Kebeer Awy (The big guy)

When Ahmed Mekky and Donia Samir Ghanem get together to make a comedy, it’s always good news. The series revolve around a ‘3omda’ of a town in Upper Egypt, who informs his son that he has a brother called ‘Misho’ living in the United States. Mekky plays the role of the father and the two sons. 

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