Quiz: What Does Your Lipstick Says About You? Powered by L’Oreal Lip Paint

Nothing says a stellar look like matte lipstick! Statement lips are becoming more of a movement now and there is no doubt that matte lipstick plays a huge role in creating that bold and fierce look.
L’Oreal has just launched its new L’Oreal Lip Paint/Matte collection, and here is why we love it:

The shades range from your classic burgundy to nude shades that nicely create that smooth and subtle look.
Great texture, it gives the lips a uniform texture without being sticky or dry and it has a quite nice sweet fruity smell.
It’s long lasting and it doesn’t leave these annoying streaks or lip outlines.
You can mix and match! You can experiment with different color shades and still end up with a great look.
Our favorite shade is the 205 “Apocalypse Red” which is a subtle dark red velvet color that is guaranteed to give you a bold look.

If you are looking for a lipstick that isn’t very high maintenance then the new L’Oreal Lip Paint/Mattes are exactly what you’re searching for!

Quiz: What does your lipstick says about you?

What’s Your Favorite Shade To Wear?
A. Nudes
B. Pinks
C. Reds
D. Plums

What’s Your Skin Tone?
A. Dark
B. Light
C. Tanned
D. Pale

How Would You Describe Your Lipstick Style?
A. Sexy
B. Tomboy Chic
C. Comfy
D. Formal

What Is Your Favorite Lipstick Type?
A. Matte
B. Gloss
C. Satin/Sheer
D. Frosted

What Is Your Favorite 90’s Lipstick Trend ?
A. Nude Lipstick
B. Frosted Lipstick
C. Berry Lips
D. Goth Lips

What’s Your Favorite Winter Lipstick Color ?
A. Chestnut Brown
B. Dusty Lilac
C. Sparkly Red
D. Deep Plum

Mostly A’s: Self-confident, well-balanced and have a love for detail. Lip Paint 213 and 205.
Mostly B’s: Creative, energetic and a risk taker. Lip Paint 212 and 205.
Mostly C’s: Creative, strong personality and spirit. You’re always looking for a new adventure. Lip Paint 211 and 205.
Mostly D’s: A truth seeker, conscientious and enthusiastic. Settling down may be your biggest challenge. Lip Paint 209 and 204.

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