Quality time at it’s best with Lipton’s “Do Good” Campaign!

You wake up in the morning, drowsy and tired, with all these plans in mind for the day, but the push is just not there. The day begins, but you feel demotivated. You get the urge to help that friend at work who’s behind in their presentation, but you feel drained out. You come back home to mom cooking and instead of helping her set the table, you take a power nap to reset. By the end of the day, you realize how unproductive you were, and go to bed at night wishing you would’ve done more!

Now, press rewind and restart the day from scratch! What is the one thing you’ll do differently this time around? Drink tea, Lipton tea! It’s the perfect solution. Tea has the unprecedented power of putting us in a happy, lively, and active state. This season, Lipton is taking that strong effect and pushing its limits! In an interactive social media campaign, Lipton is not only advocating tea, but using its effect to promote doing good and giving back!

Our favorite foodies, influencers and others got passionately involved with the “Do Good” campaign! The social media responses showed beautiful bonds, portrayed a whole ton of appreciation, and most importantly displayed how people are doing good and giving back with Lipton! We asked an amazing group of young and restless people to show us what quality time means to them. Here is what they came up with!

Nour Abdel Raouf @deliciousconfessions


Noha Badawi @thebookishwordimg_0320

Nora El Sadat @easyrecipesbynimg_0322Suzanne Mokhtar @thelove_of_food


Passant El Molla @thefoodreview_img_0326

Maria Munoz @instamaria img_0328Karim Pedsadisis @karimpedsadisis


Radwa El Zeiki @zedified_img_0333

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