Power Women of an Islamic Golden Age

Islam is one of the biggest supporters of gender equality and women empowerment.History proves that there are many iconic Muslim super women with extraordinary stories of power, strength and wisdom.

Chapter 4, Verse 1 from the Quran states,People, be mindful of your Lord, who created you from a single soul, and from it created its mate“. According to Abdallah Bin Mas’oud and Zayd Bin Thabit,this verse clearly shows gender equality. We are made from a single soul, and are mates. Not one gender is superior to the other.

“Nusayba Bint Kaab was part of the Prophet’s (PBUH) army”

Below is a list of Muslim women who define women empowerment:

  1. The Warrior Nusayba Bint Kaab

She was one of the first followers of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). In the book Great Women of Islam, it is said that she was one of the most unique women of her time because of her bravery and courage. Nusayba Bint Kaab was part of the Prophet’s (PBUH) army and even got injured during the battle of Uhud while defending the prophet (PBUH). It was unlikely at the time for women to fight during battles. Therefore, most other women were still part of the army by gathering the troops and helping with the lighter chores.


  1. The Intellectual Fatima Muhammed El Fihri

She was the founder of the University of Qarawiyyin in Morocco; the first institution for higher education in the world that actually certified with degrees and continues to exist until this day. It was founded in 859 AD, and is still open until today.

“Khadija was one of the greatest merchants of her time and handled her employees and businesses.”

  1. The Independent Businesses Woman Khadija Bint Khuwaylid

She was the Prophet Muhammed’s (PBUH) wife. Khadija was one of the greatest merchants of her time and handled her employees and businesses. When she married the Prophet, he worked as her employee. Not only that, but he was also much younger than her. She was alsoone of the first believers of the Prophet (PBUH).


  1. The Advisor Um Salmah

She was one of the prominent wives of Muhammed (PBUH). She was known as a good source to recite Muhammed’s Hadiths, she was Muhammed’s (PBUH) advisor during the Al Hudaybiyya treaty (a peace treaty between the Muslims of El Madina and Quraish of Mecca). Um Salmah was also known to be a very independent woman; she had the strength and the will to travel alone to get to her first husband, Abu Salma, something that didn’t happen at those times.

“Paradise is at the feet of mothers” Mothers are very highly ranked in Islam. A man once asked the prophet “who is worthy of my kindness and love?” the Prophet (PBUH) replied “your mother”. The man asked “Who next?” the Prophet (PBUH) again replied “your mother”. Only after the third time did the Prophet (PBUH) reply “your father”.

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