Potato Gratin In 20 Minutes With The Devil Wears An Apron

She is a Social Media Team Leader by day and a fabulous foodie by night. Asmaa started her blog @the_devil_wears_an_apron after tying the knot, she made it her mission to create fast and simple recipes every newlywed and working woman can prepare.

Potato Gratin recipe in less than 20 minutes 


1 cup cooking cream

4 large potatoes, peeled and sliced

1 cup mozzarella cheese

1 ½ cup half cream milk


• Pinch of nutmeg

• 1 tsp salt

• 1 tsp white pepper

• 1 tsp basil powder


–  Preheat the oven to 200°. Grease baking dish with butter.

– In a saucepan put the sliced potato, milk and spices on low heat.

– Leave it for 5 to 7 minutes, arrange in the baking dish then add the cooking cream and top it with mozzarella cheese.

– Place in the oven and bake, uncovered, for about 5 minutes or until the potatoes are tender when pierced with a knife/toothpick and open the grill for golden color on top.

Et Voilà!


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