Playing with the Stars

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“You’ll see heartthrob celebrities as ballet dancers and glamorous divas as undertakers”

“Le3b El Negoom” (Playing with the Stars) is one of the largest TV productions in the Arab world in terms of creativity and originality that will be aired on Dubai TV soon.

The main theme of the show is a game inspired by Snakes and Ladders, in a special effects and high tech manner that shall allow the real life game board to move along with sound and light effects.

The Masterminds

The three musketeers behind the show are Samah Abdel Rahman, Dalia Abdel Rahman and Ahmed Abdel Aziz, who all worked as team for two months to create the best of scripts.

The show is produced by Tarek Fahmy, director of Media Life, who decided to produce a show that would be the talk of the Arab Region.

Samah Abdel Rahman, the editorial director of hit shows such as Darak and Helhom Benhom, brought heaps of experience to this production that was more of a challenge,

 “We wanted the stars to look like never before along with a high quality production and creative concepts, so we connected the dots to come up with brand new ideas and characters that show the stars in a totally different light”, Samah explains, “We invested hard work to bring the best out of 52 stars in 26 episodes, where half the episodes were Egyptian stars and the other half Gulf celebrities for the show is a joint production with Egypt and the Gulf. The host is no other than Mariam Amin, who we all know from various hit shows such as Taratata.

The Stars

The idea of the show is to bring various stars together as a team of two where they must act whatever characters they’re asked to do. We will see heartthrob Ahmed Ezz as a butcher and femme fatale Menna Shalaby as an undertaker. “You’ll see male celebrities as ballet dancers, it will be seriously funny. There is also a great competition between celebrities as most of them aren’t friends with one another, but we were sure that the episodes will turn out to be a hit. It’s never an easy task to bring super stars to the studio and convince them to join their colleagues for a game and challenging performances. Yousra is one of the super stars who became very excited and came along without even asking what the show was about, but thanks to our history of great quality and originality the stars trust us”, Samah points out.

The teams are really interesting combinations like that of Mona Zaki and singer Ahmed Saad, in which he dressed like Superman! Nelly Karim will transfer to a housewife who is always spotted by her husband either washing their clothes or running after the kids. One of the best characters will be played by Yousra and Tamer Hagras, in which they play the 2010 version of Cleopatra and Antonio “when I first suggested that they play Antonio and Cleopatra, Yousra thought that it has been played many times, but when she heard that it will be the modernized version of the legendary couple, she became very excited. You will see Cleopatra and Antonio who have a rendezvous at City Stars and the Queen can’t park her chair due to the crowded parking area. I think it will be very funny and new. Superstars have the talent of improvising, even if they read a script, they want to energize their brainwaves and come up with new lines and performances, and every star on the show had his/her very own artistic performance”, she tells.

There is a very special team in one of the episodes in which we see Elham Chahine and Hala Sedky in a female double act, and not as a couple like all the stars on the show “Well that’s because Elham Chahine isn’t so much into the games thing, so everyone wanted Elham Chahine to join the show, and when I went to ask her, she told me that she’s not quite fond of games and entertainment, but when I told her that she will be joining her best friend Hala Sedky, she accepted right away, and they acted a duet of a modern day Rayya and Sekkina, in which they go shopping for camera phones”. So watch out for this great show!

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