Playing Sexy: Board Game

This is a little game to spice things up. All you will need is your significant other, one dice, and a few items you can always find at home. Needless to say, it must be played by two consensual adults. So get ready to have a wild night with your loved one!




Use one dice. Depending on where it lands, you will proceed.


Show them Some Love: You get to do one of the following, depending on which number the dice lands on


1: Peck on the lips

2: Foot massage

3: Back massage

4: Kiss for a minute

5: Cuddle for 3 minutes

6: Take a bath together


Riddle Me This: You get to ask your partner a question. If they don’t know the answer, you get to choose something for them to do.


Get Freaky: You get to do one of the following, depending on the number the dice lands on


1: Blindfold your partner

2: Tie up your parnter using a neck tie or scarf

3: Exchange an ice cube between you and your partner until it melts without using your hands

4: Improvise a sexy role play

5: Use candle wax on your partner

6: Tie up and blindfold your partner


Oops! You Lose a Clothing Item: You get to take off one clothing item.

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