Pizza Dough with Cheese

Ever reached that point where you feel like you’ve tried all the recipes you can possibly think of? This unshakable boredom with all the possible versions of food can get frustrating. Believe it or not, it’s quite common. Sometimes, it’s hard to get Kiri-ative in the kitchen.

That is why we at What Women Want… Magazine collaborated with Kiri and created the #Kiri_ativeChallenge. Our favorite foodies set each other off on deliciously creative adventures, where each foodie received a basket from us at What Women Want… Magazine and Kiri, containing ingredients which they must stick to while creating their all new recipes.

Mariam Mohsen from @biteandbrag was challenged by Asmaa Hesham from @the_devil_wears_an_apron to create a super delicious dish that will satisfy all cravings. Here is how she did it.

Pizza Dough with Cheese


Pizza Dough

1 Kiri creamy cheese container

½ Kiri creamy labneh container

2 sprigs rosemary



Take out the pizza dough and roll out using a rolling pin onto a well-floured surface. In a bowl, mix together the container of Kiri creamy cheese, along with half a container of Kiri creamy labneh and two sprigs of rosemary until smooth. Cut the dough into horizontal strips and place some cheese on one end of each strip and roll it evenly. Place your pizza rolls onto a buttered pan and brush with more butter. Place in an oven pre-heated to 200 degrees and bake until golden.

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