Periods and Ramadan: How to Sneak in Food At The Office!

Ramadan was hard to endure back when we were in college and on summer vacations. And it’s even harder now that we have full-time jobs simultaneous with the holy month. It’s only natural that because women are allowed fasting permissibility, we take full advantage! If we can officially take a break from Ramadan, then we’re not going to let the “I should pretend I’m fasting” notion get to us. However, we understand that you might not want to explain your menstrual cycle rhythm to your coworkers, so here are a few hacks to sneak food into workspace, or otherwise hostile territory:



The candy bar arm

This is as simple as it can get, but you’ll need a long sleeve shirt for it to work. All you do is slide the candy bar under your sleeve, allowing it to rest in the closed palm of your hand while the sleeve does the rest of the work until you get to safe grounds.



Out of the box

Find any cardboard box, and if your company uses special boxes to store office supplies in, then that’s even better. Hide on-the-go snacks in the box and pretend you’re just moving around some folders. Disclaimer: this does not work for big meals or meals that aren’t packaged.



A case of the laptops

Who knew a laptop case could be more useful than it already is. Just hide whatever food you want in there and walk around with all the confidence in the world. If you’re confident enough you’ll even be able to sneak in drinks, just make sure they’re packaged as well.



Biscuit genius

Get a large napkin (the kitchen paper kind) and put your crackers in the center, then bring the four corners of the napkin together to give the illusion of a crumpled tissue you’re about to get rid of.



Stash like a pro

Instead of bringing in food every day, use tape and a zip-lock plastic bag to create a secret stash spot underneath your desk, table, or any object with a hidden area. Just secure the zip-lock bag in a way so it does not slip, yet stays easy to access without having to look.


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