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Full throttle talent!

Bushra, ‘knock on wood’, has it all; the whole 9 yards! She can sing heavenly, she has surely proven that she can act when she dished out her awarded master role in 678 and she is an award-winning producer. So let’s leave it at Bionic Bushra.

Cinematic Peak

The real turning point in Bushra’s career was Faiza, her award-winning role in Mohamed Diab’s directing debut 678. With a great skill and authenticity Bushra portrayed the average Egyptian woman, who is being haunted by the living conditions of the harsh Egyptian reality filled with poverty, sexual harassment and ignorance.She received Best Actress on her role in 678 from Dubai Film Festival in 2011.

Bushra the Producer

Bushra co-produced 678 with Mohamed Hefzy and was an Executive Producer for many movies like Bibo & Beshir, Gedo Habeebi and Mr & Mrs Eweis.

Bold & Beautiful

Bushra is always eye candy on the red carpet all over the world. Gracefully and perfectly styled she shines on any Festival’s photo call. In addition to that she often wears local designers who get the deserved exposure through her beauty.

Our favorite quote from Bushra

“I don’t like to be blinded by success or fame, I always think of the next step. I enjoy it but I don’t want it to get back at me, I want my feet on the ground”, Bushra to What Women Want…Magazine, September 2011.

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