People We Love: Lebleba

Lebleba is surely a female icon and a star guru. Since the tender age of 3 years old, Lebleba’s family knew that she was destined to stardom, as they watched her humorously imitate everyone she knew. Discovered as a child by Niazi Moustafa, she went on from one success to the next. As time went by, Lebleba astounded her fans by how she did not suffer from the typical child-star spell and continued on to have one of the most impressive careers in Egyptian movie history.

Multitalented Star

Lebleba is a triple-threat; actress, singer and dancer! She took ballet classes as a child and this is one of the things which helped her age gracefully. Her singing monologues were one of the things she was most famous for as a child, as well.  Her ability to switch from comedy roles to heart-wrenching dramas gave her roles a depth and diversity that can only be admired.

Star of All Times

Over 80 movies later, Lebleba continues to be one of the most talented actresses to have ever delighted us with her presence on the screen and off. Her collaborations with stars like Abdel Halim Hafiz, Adel Imam and Youssef Chahine have only produced greatness. We can never forget her roles in films like “Al Akher”, “A’rees Men Geha Amneya”, “Layla Sakhena” and “A’sabet Hamada W Tutu”.

Our Favorite Quote from Lebleba

“Women should have children it’s a must. Yes I got married at the age of 17 and divorced at 24, but if I had got married again, I would have had four kids at least.” Lebleba to What Women Want… Magazine, March/April 2012

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