People we Love… Hend Sabry

Passion for cinema:

She is just different. Her passion for film allows her to experiment outside the mainstream. She played the lead in “Sabah El Fol”, an award winning 9 minute directing debut by the talented Sherif El Bendary and appeared in a voice over cameo in Ahmed Abdallah’s award winning indie debut “Heliopolis” which was an homage to independent cinema and a sign of support.


She fights against hunger:

Since 2009, she has been working closely with the UN World Food Program on raising awareness about hunger in the region. In 2010, Hend officially became a WFP Regional Ambassador engaging in lots of fieldwork, visiting refugee camps and raising awareness to the cause. She genuinely believes in the cause and we believe her!


She is an award magnet:

As not to jinx her we avoided listing all of her awards. Best Actress Award has been her friend since “Silence of the Palaces”, her debut in ’94 until “Vertigo” in 2012. Knock on Wood…


Style & Beauty:

Hend Sabry never fails to impress on the Red Carpet. She has her own style and often endorses young Arab designers by wearing their pieces on the Red Carpet. She is a natural beauty and a stunner, who looks great without make up by the way…

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