People we Love – Fayrouz

Neighbor of the Moon, the Brightest Star

Nouhad Wadi Haddad, also known as Fayrouz, is one of the best known Lebanese singers throughout the Arab world. Her fans call her “Ambassador to the Stars”, “Neighbor of the Moon” and the “Jewel of Lebanon”. These names only go to prove that she is a shining star whose talent hasn’t been forgotten among Arabs until the very day.

Journey to fame

Fayrouz was born into a Lebanese family that supported and encouraged her to pursue her musical career. Even as a young girl, before she knew how much talent she possessed, Fayrouz loved to sing all the time. Mohamed Fleyfel was the first to discover her unique voice at a school show in which she performed. He convinced her to enroll in the Lebanese Conservatory. There, Halim el Roumi saw how much potential she had and therefore made her a chorus singer in the Lebanese radio station. Later on, she met her future husband Assi Rahbani. He composed her most famous songs and was thereby the key to developing Fayrouz’s career.

Unstoppable Fayrouz

Fayrouz married Assi Rahbani and still managed to carry on with her career. Although she was busy holding a lot of concerts, she still found a way to have a family. She also proved her patriotism by involving Lebanon’s beauty in plenty of her work. Many of her songs were about her home land. Still, that wasn’t enough for a woman like Fayrouz. Therefore she wrote and directed many theatrical and TV productions.

Our Favorite Quote

“When people love someone, what they say doesn’t matter. Emotions are not discussed, they are felt. And I feel what they feel.”

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