People we Love – Asser Yassin

Through the vast array of actors in Egypt, Asser Yassin stands out not only for being a sight for sore eyes but also – and more importantly – being a talented actor, and a diverse performer whose roles have left us all wanting more.


From a diamond in the rough to a talent to be reckoned with

Many would be surprised to know that Yassin was studying mechanical engineering; they would be even more surprised to know that he discovered his passion for acting by pure chance when he became addicted to it after the first play he participated in. Too shy to audition, he got that first role by coincidence.


Stepping up

Asser constantly works on himself and we don’t recall a “bad movie” until now. From a villain in Al Jazeerah by SHerif Arafa and a drug addict in Zay El Nahrda by Amr Salama to the indie Rags and Tatters by Ahmed Abdallah, Asser smartly selects scripts. He started a production company named Mashroua with director Ahmed Abdalla, which co-produced Rags and Tatters.


Giving Back

Asser Yassin is one of Forsa’s strongest supporters. He helps the initiative by raising awareness to the cause. His interest in charity may have stemmed from the fact that he grew up in a household where his parents were always involved in something charitable. His help was extended to other projects aiming to spread literacy and he worked with ‘Oum Ya Masry” on ONTV.


Our favorite quote

“I believe that women are the core. The core of creation and reproduction, like nature and earth both are feminine not masculine”, Asser Yassin to What Women Want Magazine, February 2009. 

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