People we Love… Adel Adham

Egypt’s most beloved villain
Adel Adham is well-known for his infamous evil characters. With his deep voice and piercing eyes, he managed to scare us all as children. His performance did not only rely on his looks, though. His talent as an actor was well-demonstrated in each of his performances. And now he is considered one of Egypt’s most beloved actors, even if his characters were pure evil.
Excuse us, that’s Prince Villain!
Even before he starts his career as an actor, he was known as “the prince”. The title referred to his classy demeanor and good looks. Indeed, Adel Adham was known to be quite the ladies’ man back in the day. 
Athletic Child, Artistic Adult
Adel Adham was a gymnast as a child. He then moved on to play boxing, swimming and other sports. As he grew older, he wanted to act. Before he embarks on his acting journey, though, he learned to dance. He was part of the famous Reda dancing group. And when it was time for him to go on the big screen, it came in handy. His first role ever in Laila- Daughter of the Poor, included a scene where he danced.
Our Favorite Quote
“Roles aren’t main or supporting. A role is a role. It’s not about the money, it’s about the character you’re given, big or small. It is a nail in a machine. If an actor is not cast correctly, it shakes the entire production.” Hewar Sareh Geddan with Mona Alhosseiny
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