People we Love: Abla Fahita


Abla Fahita was a fashionista before it was cool. She’s a trendy little mama, while still retaining old school charms with her robe de chambre, wigs and vintage jewelry. She knows how to keep it old school and still stay fresh. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who takes good care of herself.


Hot Single Mama

Abla Fahita lost her husband a while back; we’re not sure how. Still, she’s taking good care of her daughter, is living on her own in her ever-so-fabulous duplex, and is doing quite well. Her ventures in YouTube, Music, and even sometimes politics, have earned her a great reputation. A woman to be reckoned with, is what Abla Fahita really is.


Funny, Witty and Charming

Why does Abla Fahita have2 million Likes on Facebook? Because she is clever! Her jokes are funny, but they also have a point. Slapstick comedy is one thing that Abla Fahita does not do. When she makes a joke, it is funny because it makes you think.


Revolutionary Fahita

Abla Fahita is not afraid of speaking her mind, and she says it as it is. That’s why plenty of people out there who were so quick to believe ridiculous claims that she’s sending some kind of ciphered messages. Don’t let them get to you, Abla!


Our favorite Quote

“A smart loner hugs herself on Valentine’s #YoureTheTeddybear”

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