Peeing in Public Bathrooms 101

We all have to pee in at public toilet every now and then. Some bathrooms, of course, are cleaner than others. Still, there’s nothing like your home sweet home’s toilet. Here are five hacks to pee, comfortably in any toilet, without the fear of catching an infectious disease and awkward moments.

  1. Squat

Perfect your squats, because this will be a life-saver when you enter a not-so-clean public bathroom. Squat above the toilet where you would normally sit, and start pushing. It might take longer than usual, but it’s better than a bladder burst! And we wouldn’t say no to toned thighs in the process.

  1. Sanitizer

Even if you squat, for extra precaution you might want to use some anti-bacterial sanitizer gel on the toilet seat and wipe it well.

  1. Wipes

Get two different kinds; one for your hands, and one for your “area”. These will keep you clean in a bathroom where the water is out, or if the sink and faucets are super dirty.

  1. Toilet seat covers

For those who can’t squat or have a code brown situation, you might want to use toilet seat covers. Keep some handy when you’re on the road, or even keep a few in your car for emergencies. You just put them on the toilet seat, do you business, and throw it away. You can find these at Ezaby, Seif and other big pharmacies.

  1. Portable Shatafa

Many people might not know this, but using the “shatafa” in random restrooms is not sanitary. Just fill up your portable shatafa and use that; it will get the job done. Great thing is that you can easily find them now. The Fresh Buzz kind is available at Ezaby, Seif and other big pharmacies as well.

  1. Go Girl!

Squatting in the wilderness isn’t always the best feeling, but when we really have to go, sometimes we don’t have a choice. Go Girl is a little device that will help you make the best out of a  bad situation and allow you to do your business without having to squat. You can easily find it at On The Run.



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