Paws and Purpose: The Story Behind ‘Knowledge on Animal Rescue’

In the age of social media, people spent hours scrolling through posts and skipping through stories, an Instagram page stands out for its profound impact on the lives of voiceless creatures. Knowledge on Animal Rescue, also known KAR, is a platform for animal awareness. It serves as an enlightening hub for animal lovers and advocates alike. Focusing on education and awareness, the account shares insightful content about  animal rescue, and informative posts on responsible pet ownership.

The Founder:  

Knowledge on Animal RescueFounded by animal enthusiast Sara Alashri, the platform aims in connecting the animal rescue community and help people help animals. Alashri said, “I think always loved animals, even as a kid”. She reminisced about her childhood, “My mother has always encouraged me to give leftovers to animals in the streets. It something that came natural in our household, and it became more of a passion to me.” The account is a beacon of compassion. It fosters a community united by a shared commitment to making a helping our furry friends. Alashri uses engaging visuals to provide followers with valuable information on how to contribute to the welfare of animals. She explained, “I am illustrator, so I felt like I could use my illustrations to explain certain things and make ideas simpler for people to understand.”

What is KAR?

Knowledge on Animal Rescue raises awareness about animal rescue through the social media content, different initiatives, and the talks that Alashri gives at schools or events. The avid animal rescuer explained that the school events are one of the most important to her. She explained, “I felt like if I want to make the biggest impact I should start with the children because the children can bring it home to the parents, and I could make a change there.” It is not only about the animals, but building compassion towards others. She clarified, “If you start with teaching kids to become compassionate with animals, it becomes much easier to become more compassionate towards other humans and take it as a lifestyle.”

A heartwarming rescue:

Alashri has rescued many beautiful creatures and documents it on KAR. But the story that touches her heart the most is the story of a small falcon, also known as Kestrel. She recalled, “One experience that was very new to me, was that my cousin, Yaseen, God rest his soul, found a Kestrel. Its wing was injured and he brought it to me. I had never delt with these kinds of birds.” Fortunately, she did not have to save the little falcon alone. She explained, “Some vets volunteered their time online and explained to me that I should do and how to bandage its wing. My family and friends helped me give it its medication and eventually it flew away.”

The BOW Initiative: 

Knowledge on Animal Rescue

The “Bowl of Water Intuitive” initiative is a brilliant and intuitive concept aimed at promoting the well-being of animals. Recognizing the often-overlooked need for hydration among stray or neighborhood animals, this initiative encourages individuals to keep a bowl of water readily available outside their homes or businesses. This simple yet impactful gesture acknowledges the importance of providing a basic necessity for animals, especially during hot weather or in areas with limited water sources. She explained the idea behind the initiative, “The BOW initiative that I did had the biggest impact. The idea of the BOW initiative was getting people into animal advocacy without too much hassle or cost.” The initiative not only demonstrates a compassionate approach towards our furry neighbors but also inspires a collective effort to create a more humane environment for all living beings, fostering a sense of community responsibility.

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