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When Granny’s Furniture goes Crazy, Sexy, Cool!

With many young Egyptian designers emerging every year, it’s a great thing to have fresh blood in the home and décor sector. Mariam Elias has written a bestselling book called ‘Thawret El Lol’ and two years later, her talent and fascinating creativity wenton a whole new level with the launch of her design label Paradoxia.

The brand is a  is a multidisciplinary design label from Egypt that aims to promote eco-designs by redesigning iconic items, renovating second hand furniture, reusing old objects and modernizing antiques with new concepts of today’s vision. Each Collection has a different theme that aims to document history of design in a specific era, look through the heritage of a certain region, re-examine modern designers or challenge the function of our day to day props. All items have joyful colors that’ll add a fresh and modern touch to your living room.

“Last season, Dolce and Gabbana launched their Baroque collection and featured Monica Bellucci in their campaign, these were two reasons that made me fall in love again with this era”, Mariam says. “Our grandmas were moving factories whose spare time was spent on producing masterpieces for their homes rather than spending time on social media”, she adds.

Paradoxia’s first collection “Homemade Baroque & Spare Time Rococo” rescued this dying art of embroidery by giving it a contemporary twist. The collection was displayed at Designopolis and caught the attention of many customers from the young generation.

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