Pacinthe Badran Reveals Why Venus Breeze Is Her Go-To Summer Item

Fashion Designer, Stylist, Blogger and Supermama Pacinthe Badran is the ultimate proof that a successful career and motherhood can definitely work together. Juggling between her fashion label, lifestyle blog and being a mother to a two year old boy, Pacinthe has found that her go to hair removal method is certainly shaving. We invited her to our beauty studio to give us her expert opinion on the new Venus Breeze.

Get to know more about the new Venus Breeze?

Getting a smooth and moisturized skin for the summer is just a shave away! Here is why the new Venus Breeze is going to be your best friend this summer: its flexible moisturized bars will make your skin glow, its rounded gel tips fits easily into hard-to-shave areas, its perfect for traveling and you won’t have to use shaving cream.

What does Pacinthe think of the new Venus Breeze?

It’s very easy to use, super flexible and it’s very soothing especially with the body butter and avocado tips that give your body that extra shine.

I used to usually resort to waxing to remove the dead skin and to soften my skin and retain its moisture. However with Venus Breeze’s new gel tips which exfoliate the skin, I end up getting the result I want without wasting more time.

Another added advantage is that it’s perfectly designed for sensitive skin! I often used to avoid shaving because of my sensitive skin, but I guess I won’t have this problem anymore. The new Venus Breeze is definitely going to be my go-to product this summer.

We definitely know what you’re going to be packing this summer to Sahel!

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