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Life with a dog can be amazing. You teach them how to behave and they make you laugh. Having a canine friend at home with you is fun and becomes natural as you live together. Your daily activities at home involve your dog or he is there observing everything you do. Daily walks are great for any dog and they look forward to them immensely. But, then what do you do? What about when you want to go out? Your pup looks sadly out of the window as you go off to have fun. Is there anything you can do together? Egypt can be difficult when looking for activities or places to be with your dog. Yet, it is possible.

Dog parks are available so that you and your best friend can meet others. The Maadi Dog Park and Rehab Dog Park are set up just for dogs, while the Zamalek Fish Garden is dog friendly. You should make sure they have all their vaccinations and never let them out of your sight. It’s great for all dogs to socialize and know that they can play freely. So many times dogs are never allowed out of their yards and don’t get the opportunity to meet other dogs. This creates a hyper, bored, socially handicapped dog which equals disaster!

When you and Fido need a cup of Jo, or a bowl of water, head on over to the CSA, Tipsy Teapot or Il Mulino all situated in Maadi.  You can meet up with friends, read, have lunch and generally enjoy being out together. Just keep in mind there are cats and children everywhere and your four-legged friend must be well behaved. No one likes a barking dog in a café. Bring doggie treats, a favorite toy and help your dog relax. Being outside with new sights, sounds and smells will create a happier calmer dog at home.

When you and your canine companion need to escape the city there are hotels that can accomidate granted your dog is well behaved. Ain Sokhna is a popular destination for weekend getaways and the Palmera Beach Resort will allow dogs. They must be on a leash at all times though. The staff are not thrilled about them being on the beach but it is not against the rules.

Ras Sudr has two options. Moonbeach allows dogs and generally doesn’t care where they are as long as they are on a leash. Be warned that the beach has stones and seashells everywhere that might cut your dog’s feet. 

The second option is La Hacienda. This is a large quiet resort that will allow the dogs to run on the beach without a leash. The gardens are huge and it is a great place to play with your dog.  There are stray dogs that wander in and out so make sure to watch for them. And also be certain your dog will come when called, as if they run away it is unlikely they can find their way back. When in doubt, use a leash.

No matter what hotel you go to, you must be respectful. Keep the hotel room clean and your dog quiet. Always use the Do Not Disturb sign when you leave your dog alone, both for his safety and the hotel staff. Whenever you are walking your dog you will need to clean up any waste left behind. Yes, that means you should put the stinky surprises in the trash! No one wants to step in dog feces while at a hotel or on the beach.

After all is said and done, you and your faithful friend can return home to enjoy your life together. Your pet will contentedly relax with you and not have as much pent up energy. You will have a socialized, exercised dog that loves being with you and others.  This is a great relationship and this is why we have dogs and love them as much as they love us.



Charleen has been in Egypt for 15 years. She is married and they have two kids and two dogs. She is an animal lover and cloth diaper advocate.

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