Our Childhood Birthdays: Gebna Roomy and Basterma Ruled!

We’ve previously mentioned how extravagant children’s birthday parties have become. And it got us thinking about how our birthdays when we were children seemed to be a lot more fun. One of the aspects where today’s parties are extremely different from our birthday parties is the food. Today, birthday parties are catered, when back in the day we ate delicious food made by our mama’s. Here’s the ultimate 80s Birthday Party Menu:


Gebna Roumy Sandwiches

In sweet, small petite pan bread. Those sandwiches were both delicious and easy to eat while playing. Mama made sure there was a tray lined with those for your birthday party.


Luncheon, Pastrami and Tuna Sandwiches

Mothers back in the day were very lax about giving their children processed meat, and we were so grateful for it. If gebna roumy wasn’t your thing, those delicious cold cuts were lined in a tray of their own.


Kofta and Chicken Sandwiches

This is what happened if your mother had some time to “cook” for your birthday. She would make “kofta pane” sandwiches and chicken sandwiches that your friends would finish in record time, since they’re all playing and need the energy.


Home Made Pizza

Remember those tiny little round pizzas your mama made with toppings like olives, pastrami and gebna roumy? That was the best part of all birthday parties! Later on during the 1990s, bakeries started making those pizzas, which made birthdays so much easier for all mothers.


Baton Sale

The ultimate snack! Your mother probably picked those up from the bakery as she was getting the mini pizzas. Those salty little sticks were to die for.



And the variations of it; mini jelly cups, jelly with fruits, jelly cake (usually made by your mother). The jiggling, cold treat was a party favorite.


Your Mama’s Cake V.S. the Half and Half Cake

It didn’t matter if you bought a birthday cake – and when you did, you always got the half chocolate, half fruits cake – your mother always made her own cake for your birthday. Her cake was either a chocolate cake with chocolate shavings on top, or a vanilla cake with some sticky cream on top and strawberries.

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