Orcas New Tutoring Service Has Solved it All!

It’s back-to-school season: every mother’s nightmare, knowing that you have to force your kids to study; all the pressures of raising the clever kids with the highest grades, when all that they want to do is anything else but studying.

Ocras has brought you these five magical tips for a better educational future for your kids.

The Right Place and Timing

Because it’s all about the suitable atmosphere, you must make your kids find their own comfort space and studying time when they’re most productive.

Remove the Temptation

Cut the distraction. The secret key for productive and memorable studying is focus. Your kid must be away from any kind of distraction, such as cell phone, playstation, TV, etc. Award them with a well-deserved break when they finish.

Organize the Study Space

Allow them to create their own environment, and make sure you provide them with all the essentials they need nearby, things like notebooks, pens, papers, water and snacks. Also make sure you get them a comfy seat.

Discover Their Learning Style

Be creative when telling your kids the information they should study; make it fun and memorable. Don’t just force them to memorize, help them discover their way of retaining information by answering this questionnaire http://www.educationplanner.org/students/selfassessments/learning-styles-quiz.shtml

Ask for Help

You want to offer your kids the best learning experience, but with the daily life cycle you may not have the enough time. You can get a tutor from Orcas now, and provide your kids the experience you desire. The tutors are young, fun and motivated to study with your children.
Download the application to view profiles, ratings and reviews of the experienced and trusted tutors.



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