Opening of Design Pot at O.Lifeparts Gallery

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The spacious entrance hall, with its white walls and floors, create simple yet perfect scenery for the eclectic collection of furniture, home accessories and paintings. Each corner of the showroom has its own feel and flair combining modern living with ethnic accessories. “We tried to be different and unique by blending locally manufactured modern furniture with ethnic accessories such as African woodwork and Indian fabrics and wall hangers” comments Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, a decorative consultant.


Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, the driving force of the first Design Pot exhibition along with Mohamed Shawki, the O.Life Parts Gallery owner, who specializes in custom furniture and interior design, both initiated the Design Pot as a three week exhibition to measure the feedback of clients. The basic thought behind it was the mutual interest and passion for Decoration and Interior Design.


The concept of East meets West is evident in all exhibited pieces. Shades of brown, beige, gold and silver contrasted with warm, ethnic earth and red tones build beautiful color schemes that appear on stucco painted walls, upholstery of couches and decorative accessories. The blending of different fabrics such as velvet, leather and linen add sophistication and warmth to each corner. The cherry on top is the handmade lighting, beautiful chapeaux with colored crystals dangling, meticulously made by Malak Nagaty, who did all home accessories such as cushions, hand-painted wood trays and baskets, table runners at the Design Pot. The modern paintings on the wall are painted by artist Malak Helmy, who creates unique pieces of art by using different paints and materials on her canvases. The furniture is proudly manufactured in Egypt based on high quality standards yet sold at very affordable prices.


The Design Pot is a jigsaw puzzle of six friends who have decided to form an artistic symbiosis, complementing each other. The puzzle parts are Karim El Shaboury, a painter, Enigma for Candle Making, Malak Helmy, a painter, Malak Nagaty, a home accessory designer, Karma, a jewellery designer as well as Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, Decorative Consultant and last but not least the Gallery owner Mohamed Shawki.


For all those who are furnishing their apartments or think of re-decorating the Design Pot at O. Life Parts Gallery is your place to be.

Check it out: 25 Tanta St. in Mohandessin







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