One on one with dog expert Sam about what to feed your dog, what to do if they refuse to be trained and much more!

Everybody loves dogs, they are definitely amongst the best pets that you could ever own. But sometimes it can be hard to know how to be the best possible parent to your dog, especially if they are barking through the night or refusing to be nice to your friends. So from what type of dog to buy to what type of food to feed them, Sam ‘Mr Eyebrow’ William, the dog expert shares his secrets and tips!

1) What type of dog would you recommend getting if you live in an apartment?

I would mainly recommend small and mini breeds for living in an apartment. Not only this but dogs with a low temperament that don’t need a big space to move around. So dogs like Bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles, Chihuahua, Maltese, Pekinese or Pomeranian are the best to go for.

2) If you don’t have a garden are there any dogs that you should avoid getting?

Giant and hyper-active dogs must be avoided, giants like Great Danes, Kangal and Caucasians for example. Some rare cases amongst them can adapt to living in an apartment but that’s very rare and depends on the dog’s personality.

3) How much outdoor time should the average dog have per day?

If you live in an apartment then you should take your dog for a walk 3 times a day; morning, afternoon, and night. If you have a garden with a good fence then it depends on other factors like the temperature. If it is too hot don’t leave your dog outside too much and whenever he is out make sure that there is always fresh water. If it’s too cold make sure that the dog goes out in the morning more than at night.

4) Dry food v wet food: what are the pros and cons?

I prefer dry food as it is manufactured in a way that contains everything the dog needs, from protein to fats to vitamins etc. Although the price of dry food has increased significantly in the past few months! Wet or fresh food can also be healthy but it can be a hassle to prepare and you need to make sure you have protein like chicken, carbs like rice as well as vegetables, otherwise the dogs health will be affected. Raw meat, chicken or any protein is the best but expensive.

5) Do you have any advice for people who are adopting rescue dogs as to how to build up trust?

-Don’t get over excited with them, treat them in a calm nice gentle way.
-Respect their bubble and give them their space. Avoid direct eye contact, close-proximity talking, and frequent touches.
-Always approach the dog from his side as he may consider being approached from the front as a challenge.
-Try as much as possible to grab his attention and make him come to you, don’t always go to the him.
-Spend a lot of time with them and take them on as many walks as possible.

6) If someone is having a lot of trouble training their dog, what advice would you give to them?

– Make sure your dog takes out all his energy before you start training.
– Always give the order with same way with the same body language and tone of voice.
– Must be the leader of the pack, have self-confidence trying the command but with no shouting.
– Always practice so dog won’t forget the order.
– Make sure to put the dog’s personal emotional state  in consideration.

7) What type of dog has the right temperament to have in a family with young children?

Most of them should be fine, but Bulldogs, Golden retrievers, Rottweilers and Labradors are the best.

8) When walking in the streets of Cairo with your dog, what do you suggest is the best way of dealing with all of the barking street dogs?

Street dogs are always scared due to the harsh life they go through, they run after you barking and you feel like they will harm you but they always stop. So just ignore them. If they are too close just yell at them and everything will be finished.

BUT some of them would be really crazy and this is minority just throw a stone beside them not on them, and make a lot of noise.

9) Are there any dog toys or dog treats that are popular but can actually be harmful for the dog?

The market is now full of fake Chinese toys and treats, like these Trixie ones. Trixie are a great brand but fake versions could lead to you losing your dog, so when you buy any treats or toys just make sure you that buy it from its official supplier only.

10) Do you have any tricks for stopping a dog from barking through the night?

Dogs do this when they feel isolated and lonely, so make sure that you give them as much time as possible in morning and make sure that they got something to be busy with at night.

For hopeless cases, there is an anti-barking collar which produce non-harmful waves, which prevent their vocal cords from functioning well.

11) For dogs that are nervous of strangers, do you have any tips for introducing them to new people?

– Make sure that your dog is on a leash so you can maintain good control of him.
– If the dog is calm when the stranger is in the room, give them a reward.
– Always use the easy nice and calming commands like sit, stay, down etc.
– Always protect your dog’s personal space and keep the stranger not within his range.

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