On Swirling Fish and Storytelling

As usual, with its unique designs that combine all: the quality, the looks, and the story, Beit Matta took the European market by storm this summer with their newest collec­tion: The Swirling Fish.

“The new collection helped me regain my strength. It’s a story of grief and how you can turn pain to art, and put all your feelings and emotions into productivity and not depression,” says Peter Matta, the genius behind the spectacular designs!

The collection was inspired by Pe­ter’s latest period of grief from a heartbreak that triggered an old unhealed trauma of his father’s death 14 years ago. “If you look at the collection, it’s presented in swirling. It’s how I was feeling, moving in circles not knowing what’s going to happen,” adds Peter.

The fish in the designs are used to represent peace, harmony, new beginnings, and joy. The idea is the kind of meditative state that one reaches after looping in circles. “I hope it in­ spires people who are not in a good place. I hope they rediscov­er themselves and keep develop­ing,” he adds.

The collection also includes serv­ing trays, centerpiece trays, new cutlery, coasters, doorknobs, and the famous ice buckets.

Since being present in Mykonos for many years, Beit Matta expanded to more European cit­ies based on increasing demand and the love of bridging cultures through design and art. Beit Matta is now available in Ger ­many and Holland. “What I loved about it is really the appreciation of designs. My idea was not just to make money, or exposure, it was all about the push for the Eu­ropean market beside the Medit­eranian sea,” Peter says.

Peter is currently working more on himself, studying product de­sign at one of the top-notch de­sign schools abroad. For Peter, versatility is key to a designer’s success. “I studied all, accesso­ries, jewelry, furniture. There is no limit for a designer or creativ­ity or inspiration,” he concludes.

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