Oh You Pretty Things! DIY Décor Tricks

Innovative décor tricks aren’t as hard as they may seem. Recently, we’ve come across some really clever and cute DIY décor tutorials. Here are our favorites:


Veiled Mason jar Candles

You will need: White lace strips, glue, candles and – of course – mason jars.

Using the glue, wrap the lace around the jar and fix it in place. You can tie it in a bow or just leave the strip as it is. Put the candle inside, and use as soft lighting for a romantic atmosphere.

Tip: These are also great center pieces for night, outdoor weddings.


Pennies from Heaven Vase

You will need: Pennies (or any small coins), a plain vase and glue.

Glue the pennies all around the vase leaving little to no distance between each one and the next. When you’re done, you’ll have a very unique looking vase that is decoration on its own. No flowers needed!


Golden Cage Centerpieces

You will need: Bird cages and flowers.

Simply arrange the flowers in the cage. Use as decoration or as centerpieces for parties and weddings. An empty bird cage can also be used as a quirky, pretty storage item. Arrange your books inside it, and it will keep them in place and give a romantic edge to your place!


Don’t Lose your Marbles Night Light

You will need: Glass marbles (you can find them at any toy store), vase or glass bottle, Christmas lights and strong glue.

Glue the marbles to the bottle or vase. Then put the Christmas lights inside the bottle and switch on. This provides a soft, relaxing light in the color of the marbles you’ve used.

Optional: grill a hole into the bottle if you have the appropriate equipment. And insert the Christmas lights from the bottom of the bottle for a nicer, cleaner look. 

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