Nurturing Arab Cinema: The 7th Edition of CineGouna Platform Calls for Submissions


Gouna Film Festival (GFF) is once again opening its doors to filmmakers from across the Arab world. The festival has announced the Call for Entries for the 7th edition of the CineGouna Platform. It is scheduled to take place from October 25-30, 2024, in the picturesque town of Gouna.

This year’s edition of CineGouna Platform promises to be a significant event. It will reflect the festival’s ongoing commitment to the Arab film industry. The submission deadlines are set for July 15, 2024, for projects in development, and August 1, 2024, for films in post-production. Filmmakers can find the entry form and detailed submission guidelines on the festival’s website.

The 6th Edition:

CineGouna Platform has consistently showcased a range of compelling projects. In its 6th edition, the platform selected 12 projects in development and 7 films in post-production, all chosen for their artistic merit and financial viability. These projects competed for awards totaling $340,000, thanks to the generous support of GFF’s partners and sponsors. The prestigious CineGouna SpringBoard jury included notable figures like Egyptian director Hala Khalil, Jordanian producer George David, and French producer Guillaume de Seille.

Among the standout projects from the previous edition was Theft of Fire by Amer Shomali, which won the Best Project in Development award. She Was Not Alone by Hussein Al-Asadi took home the Best Film in Post-Production award. These successes are testament to the platform’s role in advancing quality Arab cinema.

The achievements of CineGouna Platform alumni underscore its impact. Abu Bakr Shawky’s Yomeddine competed for the Palme d’Or at Cannes and won the François Chalais Prize. Ayten Amin‘s Souad was showcased at Cannes and Berlinale, while Soudade Kaadan’s The Day I Lost My Shadow won the Lion of the Future at the Venice Biennale. Other alumni have had notable successes at festivals like Sundance, Locarno, and Cairo. CineGouna is a  platform’s that acts as a launchpad for international acclaim.

“CineGouna x O West represents an exciting new chapter in our mission to support filmmakers across the region. By bringing together established stars and emerging talents, we are creating a unique space for creativity and collaboration”

said Amr Mansi, Executive Director, El Gouna Film Festival.

Tamer Dewidar, CEO of O West, Makadi Heights, and Byoum, commented

 “Through this collaboration we are set to host the activities of “CineGouna” platform, which includes various activities throughout the year in O West. This partnership demonstrates our dedication to promoting culture and art within our community. We are eager to offer a space where filmmakers can flourish and build meaningful connections, as well as establishing a sustainable interactive platform for year-round knowledge exchange. It comes as part of our focus on building lively integrated towns that contribute to the community by supporting art, culture, sports, and entrepreneurship.”

Continuing The Path:

The 7th edition of GFF, from October 24 to November 1, 2024, promises to continue its tradition. It will celebrate cinematic excellence in the stunning setting of Gouna. Known for its beauty and cultural vibrancy, Gouna offers the perfect backdrop for a festival.

Founded in 2017, the El Gouna Film Festival has quickly established itself as a premier event in the MENA region. By showcasing a diverse range of films and facilitating cross-cultural dialogue, GFF plays a vital role in the global film community. Initiatives like CineGouna Platform, CineGouna Bridge, CineGouna Market and CineGouna Emerge, the festival empowers  enriches the Arab cinematic landscape. 

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