Nourhan and Dayana Kanjo “History is the architecture left over the years, and in it says the story of every city”

For as long as they can remember, Nourhan and Dayana Kanjo had a deep passion for architecture and design. The two sisters chose to study architecture, and ended up founding Kanjo Design House. Kanjo provides impeccable, one-of-a-kind designs to their clients, ensuring quality, elegance, and an environmentally sustainable outcome. We sit down with the gifted sisters to learn all about their journey and passion for architecture.

Nourhan and Dayana were always aware of their love for design, “we would travel together and walk around different cities around the world and discuss different buildings and installations”, Nourhan says. This special bond of theirs continued as they went from aficionados to designers, and has actually been beneficial to their work, “we have many similarities, but we are completely different in personalities, and that gives us an edge. Not to sound cheesy, but we genuinely complete each other”, Nourhan explains.

Starting out in such a competitive business when they were so young meant they faced many obstacles. Luckily for the two sisters, they were not discouraged easily; on the contrary, “we actually think obstacles push and give us the urge to work harder and overcome each phase. One of the biggest obstacles would be surpassing our own standards. It is always a challenge to overcome a bar that we raise for ourselves”, Dayana tells. It is also essential when working on passion projects to enjoy a healthy balance between creativity and hard work, “we try to cleanse our energy by an activity that inspires us and can reflect in our work. We have a workshop at our design studio where we sketch or paint sometimes”, Dayana explains.

Nourhan and Dayana have taken the eco-friendly route with their designs. Their care for the environment clearly shows in their work, “we start with the smallest initiatives like making Kanjo Design House environmentally friendly, to the biggest ones, like sustainable and renewable energy in projects”, Dayana says. One of the solutions they highlighted was the grey water system, “implementing grey water system is a gem of a solution, that if people learned about it more, they would definitely want to have it”, Dayana continues, “it is basically using the water that has been used in sinks and baths to irrigate greenery and vegetation instead of fresh water.” For a very long time, people have looked at eco-friendly aspects as a bonus, not a necessity. This is gradually changing, “there is always space for people to put more effort and learn about it, because it is actually time to take serious decisions towards diminishing our carbon footprint globally”, Dayana tells.

The Kanjo sisters are a shining example of fierce and talented female entrepreneurs. Not only that, they are also quite aware of the importance of supporting fellow female entrepreneurs, “I believe it starts with sharing stories. More responsibilities come with every step taken in one’s path to women’s empowerment”, Nourhan continues, “Kanjo Design House has a training program open for people who apply for a learning experience, and we will always build up and support however much we can.” Part of this support comes from leading by example, especially when trying to empower young girls, “show confidence and embrace what we do. Focus on gender equality and break the barriers of social stigma, that is especially for a society like ours, which is definitely improving, but still needs a lot of work from us”, Dayana says.

At the end of the day, the Kanjo sisters care the most about the legacy they want to leave, “Kanjo Design House is a dream that will always have limitless plans. Whether it’s in interior design, architecture, or product design, we are to expand in all sectors, and push it globally”, Nourhan says, “we always say, we would like for our designs to write history, because at the end of the day, history is the architecture left over the years, and in it says the story of every city.” We cannot wait to see what more these immensely talented sisters will come up with.

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