NOLA’s Cupcakes: Exciting Flavours for the Road!

As you walk into Nola’s shop, you feel that you have fallen into a delicious candy wonderland and you might think that the walls, chairs and the ceiling are flavored. The amazing decoration animates your sweet tooth and you’re immediately in love with the delicious little treat in your hand that has just pampered your taste buds.

Fresh, moist and fluffy, is what best describes Nola’s cupcakes, the brand that stood out in midst of the Cairene Cupcake Craze. Laila Sedky and Noor Al Marestantell tell us what it takes to start such an innovative business.

When did you begin?

We officially started operating on October 7th; it took us seven months of planning and gathering all the correct resources to help the brand succeed. It was also our goal to find the perfect recipe to help us accomplish our goals.

Did u guys take any courses before you hit it off?

I (Laila Sedky) took an intensive course in Montreal and I did a couple of workshops in Cairo that made me realize my passion for baking. Noor was working in Beltone, and with her business expertise we gathered both our abilities to help make our dream come true.

What are the best-selling flavours?

Our best selling flavours are the Blueberry, Chocolate, and Red Velvet. Everything on the menu is catered to meet everyone’s taste buds. The store promises to satisfy every customers’ sweet tooth.

What about custom made cupcakes?

We have custom order cupcakes for all events. Birthdays have been a huge success so far. Anything our customers need could be delivered with any flavour they prefer.

Any specific events you cater? 

We cater to all events. We are currently doing all our Christmas and New Year’s decorations so look out for us. We already did Halloween, Eid and Thanksgiving Cupcakes. NOLA Cupcakes are very trendy and we try  to cater to all the seasons and occasions by spicing things up and giving clients the change they need.

How does NOLA Cupcakes give back, we hear your related to several charitable organizations?

NOLA Cupcakes  has recently joined forces with Operation Smile in order to help a baby girl in need get the successful surgery she deserves to live a long, healthy, and active life. We created our smile cupcakes, in which all the proceeds of the limited edition cupcake went to the cause! We hope we can continue giving back to the society it’s one of our main ethical guidelines when it comes to running the store.

For deliveries, pickups & events call: 02-273-66494


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