NOLA Taking “Local” Seriously by Opening in Tanta and Mansoura!

Not only are the residents of Cairo the lucky ones, NOLA has spread across the country to Alexandria, Mansoura and now  Tanta! On the first day of Eid Nola will open their 10th branch in Tanta. Tanta is known for their love for desserts so this makes a perfect match!

Founders of NOLA, siblings Laila and Adel Sedky use their passion to drive them forward, “Challenges and risks are part of our daily routine, so we once took risk in launching the first cupcake store in Egypt, yes we are taking it once again in the local markets”, says Laila.

NOLA offers a delicious menu of cakes, cake pops, sweet jars and of course their infamous variety of cupcakes, let this happiness spread across Egypt. We can’t wait to see where they will pop up next!

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