Noha Bahr – Connecting The Dots

Noha Bahr started doing her illustrations around a year and a half ago. She created her own quirky, funny characters and skits. And now she has got almost 5000 followers on Instagram, “I started drawing in my sketch book around a year and a half ago, but the stop motion videos I started a year ago”, she says.


Due to how talented and creative it is, many might believe she had studied fine arts. We were surprised to learn the opposite, “I never studied it. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in English Literature, but I’ve always liked art”, Noha tells.


It all started from a little sketch book for Noha, “I had a sketch book at first. In it, I drew everything I liked and kept it there”, she tells, “but then I felt like that was wrong. I should draw from my own imagination, because I do have ideas.


So I brought another sketchbook and made it only for the things I’ve come up with on my own”. This is how it started. From that sketchbook came the characters, which she still uses until now, “I started getting ideas, and then the characters that I always use. I started making little series using them. They aren’t always connected, but they always have those recurring characters”, she explains.


Noha’s followers on Instagram are constantly growing. This goes to show how popular her art is becoming. This support took her by surprise, “I didn’t expect anyone to like my work, but they did”, she says.


Inspired by cartoons from her childhood, Noha is ready to take art as her career path, “this is what I’m doing now, but I want to develop it and make it last”, she says, “I don’t want to be a freelancer. I want a more stable job. I would also like to make a cartoon series on television, but that would take time”, she explains.


The swift change in careers did not surprise Noha, nor did it scare her, “I didn’t only expect it, I wished for it”, she says, “I wanted that and worked hard for it. I didn’t want to study English literature, although it did eventually benefit me”, she admits.

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