Never Too Late to Change Lanes

Change Lanes

We have all gone through phases in our life when we truly felt that we want to change. As time goes by, we realize that growing up and getting what we want from life is not necessarily directly proportional to getting older. Rumor has it that the older we grow, the more we have the pieces of our lives falling into place. Consequently, the more pieces we have in our lives, the more time lapses till we are bound to be where we imagined we would. The question is: Do we practice more power and have more control over changing our lives because we are just getting older? With great power, comes great responsibility.

We asked for the power but are we up for the responsibility?

A more thorough and precise outlook towards changing our life and getting what we want ‘could’ occur as we add candles to our birthday cakes. Oprah Winfrey said: “As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around”. Ironically, this makes life harder and easier.

We are sure and positive about the exact career path we would like to walk and hence will not accept any alternatives to what we want to do with our future. We have had our share of relationships and now know strictly what we are looking for in the partner we would like to be with. Does this mean that we are beyond compromise and mid-way solutions? This question shall remain rhetorical and open-ended. The degree, to which every person decides to scrutinize, analyze, accept, reject, challenge, change and alter their life, shall vary.


Imagine yourself a passenger who is traveling around the world and look at your life as a map. Mark every stop you have made during your journey and think about the footprints that you left at that station. If you are not satisfied with those footprints and wondering what went wrong, you should think immediately of the magic word: Change!

As much as we wish we could turn back time; it hasn’t proven yet to be achievable (at least not as far as I know!). So, changing what you did in the past may not be attainable. However, you own the present and the future is nothing but a child who walks holding hands with that present. Age is no matter over mind, rather achievement over existence! It is not about the years in your life, rather the life in your years. Some live long without being happy even for one day and others have enough happiness in their hearts and peace in their minds to always be merry and joyful.

Focusing on what we can change in our life is a much bigger aspiration than just focusing on our life notwithstanding the reason of our being. What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others is eternal. People will forget what you said, people can forget what you did but they may never forget how you made them feel. It would help if we ask ourselves about the last time we have been able to make a change in ourselves, the people around us, or the world. Never think that a large span of time has passed already and there is nothing you can do about the way your life is set up now.

Never Too Late

It is really never too late unless you want to think it is!

Never think that change is impossible; never say that the door is locked. The door has a key and the key says ‘being honest with myself before being honest with others.’ Time flies so quickly. If we want to change who we are or what we do, why aren’t we starting? We would all have a different outlook towards changing life if we really deal with everything that is special for us like it is fading and leaving. This is entirely true, but we just do not want to see it. All of our loved ones and favorite things in life are mortal and will end one day.

Although it is much easier to let change create you, it is a much bigger dream to create change.

Pray to be resurrected when you go astray. Sustain the gratitude to accept what you have and the patience to get what you want. Pray to stand up for yourself as you would stand up for others. Implore for the persistence to struggle with the world and the acceptance not to fight within. May you own the courage not to give up what you think is right even when others think it is hopeless.

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