The dark reunites people more than the light does. When the lights get cut in these tough times we are living in, everyone in the family comes out of their rooms to sit together until the electricity comes back. You find neighbors you didn’t know existed coming out in the balcony next to yours, until the whole street becomes one quite event.

You know that nightmare when you would go to school or to work naked and everyone is looking at you or that nightmare in which you try to talk, scream and your voice isn’t coming out? That’s relevant to what’s happening today, in real life. There are so many things we called for, so many things we wanted to change, until we were lost in the darkness, slipped into a hole where we don’t belong, shouldn’t belong as we believe. We are literally falling out of bed. Whatever error happened to our fate? How can we end up here after all this sweat and blood?

The problem is that too much light blinded us. Television, Breaking News and Social Media showered us with chants, dreams, hope and one hero after the other promised change until fear became our greatest ruler. We ignored touchable change. The change that must start from one’s household, neighborhood and workplace. The change that can take place by applying the following:

Listening without judging a friend.

Spending real time with a grandparent without getting annoyed from their non-stop demands.

Asking a friend to babysit her kid so she can go out and have some deserved fun.

Smiling at an unclean, miserable street child and not necessarily giving him money.

Telling your partner that you can never have done it without him/her being in your life.

Telling your child that he has a super power like that cartoon character on TV and he can make a change when he grows up.

Loving yourself and taking good care of your mind, body and soul.

Thanking God for the most cherished gifts in the world: Today & Tomorrow.

Knowing that God believed in us before we believed in him and that’s why he created us.

By managing to have healthy relationships, we can rule the world. We were born naked, and throughout our lives we invest in things that cover us up. Education, culture, talent, sports, clothes, jewelry and makeup won’t do us change if we don’t establish a healthy community, family or neighborhood. A country won’t see real change if the people themselves refuse to change the environment they live in. We’ve heard so many times the saying “Change comes from within” but we rarely apply it.

Alert: It’s time to light a candle!

Ironically, we are only lucky to have a generation that isn’t afraid of the dark anymore and we shall always remember that the world’s beautiful pictures were formed in Dark Rooms.

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