Naiera El Lamie: The Foodie who Never Takes a Break!

PR girl, professional chef and food freak Naiera El Lamie has plenty of advice to give in preparation for the Holy Month. Check out how to navigate Ramadan like a pro with the
sweet one behind our favorite Instgram blog @taste_and_tell_P

What are your tips for people cooking for themselves for the very first time this Ramadan?

Google some quick and easy recipes, because traditional Egyptian cooking will be too difficult to start with.

They say never have Iftar out in Ramadan. Is this advice valid? If not, what are your tips for choosing the best place for Iftar?

I don’t like it personally, because the staff cannot possibly serve all the people at the same time so naturally there will be delay, and food will be cold. The servers are
also fasting, so they are tired. Plus, after Iftar you want to relax, and you can only do that either at your home or at the home of someone you are used to.

What are your favorite places to have Sohour?

I love the Downtown tent, I also love Khan El Khalili or any Foul cart. I love traditional Sohours. And of course, Sohour at home.

Do you have a Ramadan specialty dish?
If so, what is it?

I love Rozz bel Khalta, but I get bored of it sometimes, so I also like to make Sheireya bel Khalta. I feel like it is lighter. I make it with nuts, raisins, minced meat and chicken liver.

What is the easiest Ramadan dessert one could make when pressed for time?

Umm Ali and Atayef, both don’t take much time to make.

What are the food items one must keep in their fridge all throughout Ramadan?

Yogurt, sambousek, and cheese for the sambousek!

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