Nahed Sebaei “Mombar is my weakness”



We spoke to the fabulous Nahed El Sebaei about Ramadan nostalgia, food, and Heba Regl El Ghorab!


What do you think of the whole “revamping” people are doing to traditional desserts (e.g. red velvet bala7 elshaam)?

I love red velvet basbousa!

What was your TV addiction during Ramadan when you were growing up?

I used to watch Lan A3ish fi Gelbab Abi and Fawazeer of course.

You work extra hard in Ramadan, how do you balance your work and Ramadan gatherings?

There’s no balance! If I have to work I can’t go to any gatherings.

Fawazeer or Mosalsalat?

Mosalsalat because there aren’t any Fawazeer anymore.

You come from a famous family. Do you remember any certain moments with your grandfather Farid Shawky?

Yes, the first day of Ramadan we had to go to granddad.

Nelly or Sherihan? And why?

Sherihan. I don’t know why, but I love Sherihan.

When you go to a dish party, what do you bring?

I usually take gollash with minced meat.

What are the most diet fails?

Mombar is my weakness.

Tell us about the new season of Heba Regl El Ghorab.

The format is the same of Ugly Betty’s. I’m very happy to work on this and I love the character very much. I love that it’s different from what I usually do.

For an attractive actress like yourself, how is it challenging to become Heba?

Of course it’s a challenge. It’s good for me to do everything. The makeup department did a very good job.

If Heba Regl El Ghorab gave advice on how to survive Ramadan, what would it be?

She’s a workaholic and she’s very decent. So I’m sure she would work, fast and pray. And I’m sure this would be her advice.

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