My Differently-Abled Child Taught Me How to Live

Have you lived the worst day of your life? Lucky you.

I was talking to a friend about Tala, that we are going to a sleep clinic to spend the night and hook her up to machines so we can figure out why she cannot sleep at night. My friend then asked me “how do you do that? How are you telling me this so lightly and we were just laughing and joking as if you have nothing on your mind?” I must say I did not find an answer back then other than “I got used to it.” But actually, it is because I have lived much, much worse days than this.

I lived through a doctor telling me that my child will not make it past five years old. I survived after reading her genetic test and knowing that she will never lead an easy life. Ali and I went through hell with doctors, reports, tests, bullying and fear.

When you live the worst day of your life, things fall into perspective. You start giving every situation the right amount of sadness, worry and fear. You kill the drama queen living in your head. So that day when you spilled your coffee and had a flat tire becomes an annoying day not “the worst day of your life.”

Scarred for life is not really a bad thing; your scar will always be your compass. You will get to look back at it and remind yourself that you survived this scar. You see things clearly and you mature. You understand that life will never be easy, you will always face challenges and you need to go through them, live them, feel the pain and conquer it. Enjoy your triumph and fuel up for the next one.

Words are easy and sometimes you just feel so bad that something as simple as a bad hair day would tick you off. I know that feeling, but just believe in your strength, believe in your ability, believe in the superhero living inside you.

Scars make you rise, they make you rise above life itself. Life is worthless. It is your presence that gives it its worth. I watch Tala and I learn from her, God sent me an angel to teach me how to live.

Tala fights every second of the day, but she enjoys every moment. She indulges with all her senses a donut like it is a donut from Heaven. A cold breeze on her face makes her laugh so hard. An ant is on her chair, she invites it for dinner. Tala rises above her disability; she rises above a horrible day in therapy. Tala’s life is full of bad days and scars and tears, but she chooses to live every beautiful happy thing life has to offer. Tala is my compass, my light, my love. What I feared to be a nightmare, became my guiding star in the middle of a dark night.

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