My Career, My World! Eman ElYasaky, PR Manager Kempinski Nile Hotel

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What makes your job fun?


My colleagues, we are seriously a collection of diverse individuals here at Kempinski, on daily basis we bring different stories, ideas, jokes and a whole loads of fun to the office, it’s sort of our own secret society


What makes it challenging?


I love challenges! Any new idea that you turn into reality and give birth to is a challenge, especially if not common.

How do you update your PR skills?


Kempinski provides regular international training, we get trained by the best editors, CEO’s of prestigious PR firms and our corporate office is always hands on to make sure we have the most up to date PR tools and that our skills and practices are in line with International standards.


What’s in your purse every day?


What’s not in my purse, you mean! You could survive one week with my purse if you are lost in the desert! You will find everything from make-up, snacks, dice and keys to the weirdest places.


What do you like to eat on


your coffee breaks?

I am a chocoholic! When I found out that we have the best chocolate in town in our chocolate lounge I was in heaven. It is an understatement by the way, really the finest ingredients and creations made for me sur command, I just can’t stop!


What’s your favorite fragrance you like to wear to work?


Agent Provocateur , I never change it.


How do you balance career and family? Without compromising any of both?


I am blessed with a very supportive husband , who actually helps me out when I am stressed from

work, rehearses my presentations and gives me confidence. He actually helps me decide what I am

going to wear for an important meeting, so the balance is there.


Would you leave your job if you start having babies?


No, work actually keeps you active, updated, and polishes your skills as a mom.


Any advice you’d like to share with young women who’re interested in a PR job?


PR is not just a job where you have to look good and smile, actually it requires lots of work, and a total understanding of the changing business world and its challenges. You have to be updated on regular basis and be extremely flexible to cope with change and business needs.


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