A must-watch, “Parker’s Anchor” proves that loss is not the end of the story!

“I am a woman, women should feel this,”. There is always a point in putting your life on pause for the sake of pressing play on something else just for a bit. There is a point in crying to a metal screen in your living room, to sobbing for a masterfully described pain, and to smiling as you watch the plot twist unknot taking you to a safe place. That is what all movies are about. But “Parker’s Anchor” is not just a good watch that is meant to increase your napkin consumption, and eventually lighten your mood with a satisfying end. It is raw, true, and minimal.


Written, produced and starred by American actress Jennica Schwartzman, and husband Shwartzman along with an outstanding crew, the movie tells the story of Krystal Parker who learns after a long wait, that she is unable to conceive. Before she could lean on her husband’s shoulder for comfort and grief, he packs his bags and leaves. Shortly after the point where she thinks she has everything she could ever wish for, she is asked to start from the bottom, and oh we are talking dig-deep bottom.

“I don’t understand, I had a plan!” All through the movie, we are confronted by the same question on and on, one we are so familiar with, one that each and everyone has asked herself at least once in life. Why do things happen to me? Whether it is spilling coffee on a favorite blouse or learning a truth that will change our lives forever, we always ask about what we do not understand. This drama-done-right movie just assures you that it is okay. It is not only the story-line or script that you will find relatable, but very often the clothing style and raw scenes that kill whatever distances parts the spectator from the movie’s world.



Don’t get us wrong, this is not a sad story, but rather one about  starting over, fetching for yourself outside of all the typical molds where you were told you fit best; someone’s mother, someone’s wife, someone’s something. What if you can’t have these things momentarily? Who else can you be? Directed by Marc Hampson, the movie helps capture the struggles of a Krystal who goes back to her cozy home-town, determined to answer all those questions. It is a story of true friendship, love, soul-searching and comfort. There is a better plan for you, even better than the one you originally had for yourself, is what you will learn from “Krystal”.


“I am a part of this film. I am biased. I would still watch the crap out of this movie every year, cuddled up on the couch, with ice cream,” says husband and Co-producer Ryan Shawtzman in a review of the movie, which we find utterly accurate. It is quite the treat for a movie night on the couch with the right company.


Parker’s Anchor opened in AMC theaters back in the Fall of 2017, and is now available on DVD on Walmart shelves. It was also recently released in digital form, as a video on demand. So if it is the weekend and you are fetching for something special, you know what to watch!


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