MuBun: Sustainable Furniture Made From Waste

We are at times when we need to make sustainable products as much as we can. The process of making furniture can be quite wasteful. This is why two people decided to team up and make a change. Sara El Battouty, award-winning architect and Sherif Aly Khalil founded the sustainable furniture brand MuBun. Passionate about climate change, they decided to dedicate the brand entirely to that cause. Sara also founded EConsult, an ecological architecture company now influencing national policy.

MuBun is a brand that makes furniture out of waste. They basically buy waste from suppliers with a record of sustainable and ethical practices. They create high-end furniture pieces out of waste such as wood and marble.

When we spoke with Sara, she said she wishes to change the idea that any environmental entity has to be an NGO, and she wants to spread the idea that it can be a business as well. “People think eco-friendly only means NGOs and Solar Panels, and we wish to change that stereotype,” Sara explains.

MuBun, which means “good wood” in Chinese, celebrates Egyptian craftsmanship by employing experienced Egyptian workers. They want to promote the idea that everything done in Egypt can be made sustainable; from water treatment to waste management. Their entire business model is built around sustainability, which is why they have a digitized showroom and sell all their products online.


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