Mostafa Shaaban’s Sexism; Enough is Enough!



Mostafa Shaaban had a few good years since ‘Aelat Al Hag Metwally; Al ‘Aar was a good show, for example. However, since then he has been performing almost the same character every year. Whether he plays a merchant, microbus driver, drug dealer or even a doctor, it is the same character of a womanizer who doesn’t respect women. For the last consecutive four years, he has been using similar accessories, holding prayer beads, and acting with the exact same body language;   just different versions of the same character

el zoga el rab3a

El-Zoga El-Rab3a 2012

This series was the first step for Shaaban to ruin our Ramadan. Who doesn’t know Iten Amer’s “a7boosh” scene that turned her face to a facebook meme for a while? In this series, Shaaban gave his male fans a lesson about how to be a typical misogynist and basically the worst husband ever. It shows the incomprehensible relationship between him and his wives, who are madly in love with him, despite him beating and disrespecting them. Still, the big hit of the series was its Sha’bi song called “Mustafa Shabaan Hyganen El-Neswan”, Mustafa Shabaan will drive women crazy.

Mazag elkheir

Mazag El-5eer  2013

Many people thought that it wasn’t a good idea to produce series about drug dealing and prostitution in Ramadan, but this debate isn’t why this series is on our list. Needless to say that almost all women in this series were madly in love with Shaaban. All women except for his mother maybe wanted him. And his performance was a copy from the previous series.

amrad nessa

Doctor Amrad Nesa 2014

Before we start talking about this series, let’s get one thing straight: gynecologists don’t hook up with their patients in real life! This rarely happens, and when it does it’s considered an unethical act. In this series, Shaaban plays the character of a gynecologist who dates many of his patients, which gives a terrible impression of gynecologists. Doctors’ Syndicate took this series seriously and filed a legal case against its director for misrepresenting physicians.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.34.09 AM

Molana El3ashe2 2015

“A7bibi ya rabena” was the most famous sentence of this series, since Shabaan performed a charchter of a microbus driver who is interested in Sufism. Many people criticized this series because it contains many scenes that were deemed inappropriate for Ramadan according to many. However, what was really problematic for us was how the same episode contained both “inappropriate” scenes and Sufi songs. What a mix! This one also has its sha’bi song by Figo and Ghandi named after Shaaban’s nick name in the episode, Afandina. It would be impossible to not see the pattern…

Abou el banat

Abu El-Banat 2016

This year Shaaban performs a character of a father of three daughters. The series is about his relationship with them and the funny moments they go through together due to the generation gap and different cultures. This sounds a little bit different from last years’ characters, but interestingly enough this series features Safinar, so we’re not really holding our breaths.



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