MORE THAN LIP SERVICE – How to apply lipstick properly

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Exfoliate and moisturize your lips
When you exfoliate your face don’t forget to pay attention to the lips. Exfoliate them gently using a toothbrush and a mild exfoliator. Apply a lip balm daily to keep your lips hydrated and soft. Instead of a lip balm you can use petroleum jelly or honey.
Outline your lips with a lip liner
Always apply lip liner prior to applying the lipstick. Outlining the lips with a lip pencil helps to keep the color from bleeding. The lip pencil allows your lipstick or lip gloss to last longer by creating a base for your lipstick. When drawing the lip line you give more definition to your lips and if you use the lip liner properly you can make your lips look bigger and fuller. Use a lip pencil a shade darker than your lipstick color.
Start drawing at the centre of your upper lip and slowly move to the centre of the bottom lip. Don’t forget to line the corners of your mouth.
Put on some foundation or powder
Applying powder dust or a bit of foundation to the lips helps maximize the lipstick’s staying power. The foundation or the powder should be the same shade that you are using for your face. Applying a bit of foundation to your lips creates a perfect base for the lipstick and emphasizes its color.
Apply the lipstick
You can apply lipstick using a lipstick brush or straight from the tube. The lipstick brushes are small, flat brushes – they can be used for outlining the lips as well as applying the color for a longer lasting lipstick color. Run the brush on the lipstick from side to side so that it has enough lipstick on it. Always start the lipstick application at the centre of your lips. Open your mouth slightly and brush on color starting from the centre of your lips to the corners. Always apply the lipstick to the upper lip first, using as little lipstick as possible with a firm and even strokes.
Blot your lips
Always remove the excess color from your lips – blot your lips with a tissue to absorb the excess color and apply a second layer of the lipstick.
Add lip shine
If you want to add shine to your lips use a lip gloss. Apply it on to the centre of your lips and spread it out to make your lips fuller.

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