How mommies deal with leaving their babies at nursery for the first time!

Starting nursery isn’t just distressing for a young child, it is a struggle for moms to say goodbye to the little person that they have been cuddling nearly 24 hours a day for the past few months. Some moms try to put on a brave face and hide their tears until at least after they have left the front doors, whilst others cling on and nearly have to be thrown out of the nursery. But if you are experiencing this, or soon to experience it, don’t worry, finding the first day hard is very normal as all of these mommies will agree!

Gihan Saud- My daughter went to nursery at the age of 2. She was crying her heart out when the teacher took her from me. I cried and felt like I had abandoned. I stayed in the nursery for half an hour watching her in the camera then left because they wanted to kick me out and stayed in a nearby cafe until she finished, it was a difficult day.

Injy Fakhr El Din- She was 1.3years old and my husband and I decided to drop her off together on her first day. Everyone was super friendly to her so she didn’t cry. And her teacher asked us to slowly leave so she wouldn’t notice since she was already preoccupied with playing. I told her okay we’ll just watch for a little bit, I couldn’t leave. My husband was like okay you stay I am already late for work and he left. 10 minutes later after watching her, I found she was so happy and playing so I decided to leave and I started crying like a baby on my way out. And surprisingly my husband was waiting outside and started laughing when he saw me. He was like, I knew you would cry, that’s why I didn’t leave. He took a selfie of us at that moment in front of her nursery gate. I still laugh every time I come across that selfe. I really don’t why I was so dramatic like that. Now 11 months later, I really cannot imagine my life without the nursery. It is a life saver.

Now she has friends there and plays and releases all of her energy, she wouldn’t be able to do half of those things at home. To all moms going through it, I’ve been there and I promise it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll take. You’ll have a little ‘me time’ to yourself.

Nihal Zeidan- I cried my eyes out and the owner of the nursery came and told me that usually they do adaption for the babies not the parents. So I took myself out of the nursery and continued crying. And for 2 months every time I went, I had a panic attack and I was afraid that he was going to cry because he was really attached. But I can tell you that now things are much better.

Nardeen Emad- Surprisingly enough on the first day I held my grounds firmly and didn’t cry because I was happy that she would go out and meet new friends and communicate with other people. What made me cry is when she stopped crying when I left her there. I think what made me cry is the feeling that she didn’t need me.

Marine Boushra- I stayed at the door crying loudly saying, ‘they took the baby from me’ even though I gave him to the nursery myself!

Hadeer Mohamed-  The first day I let my husband take a day off from work. We went and got ice cream and I bought balloons for him, to make time pass. It was very hard. Every day after that I would cruise around the nursery in my car, or keep watch on him in the camera until all was okay. The most important thing was that he felt safe. So try not to show them that you are afraid, they should always look at you as though you are strong. He was afraid that I wouldn’t be coming back so I tried to make him feel like I am coming back to take and that he is going to be fine. And then he got used to it and the people love him.

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