Mom and Children Chill Out Time: After School Activities

After the long exhausting school day, our children need a break, which is unnecessary to take long, an hour or two will be more than enough to boost their energy back up to be ready for another school day. Taking advantage of the very few hours before the kids just fall asleep, it would be perfect for the parents to introduce them to a refreshing activity or even a refreshing taste. Here are some suggestions on how to spend a two hour break with your kid.

1-  Creative Dance and Fitness Centre (Samia Allouba)

The Youth Program at the Creative Dance and Fitness Centre is a combination of GYM and Group Fitness Classes for children 3 to 10 years of age. It also has programs for children with special weight and fitness concerns. This will definitely help your child be more active and progressive.

2-  Kindermusik with Suzy,
 A musical education perfectly unleashes the talent kept hidden inside your child, school is important and eases the path ahead for future successful society members, but it is also important to plant the seed of creativity within our children. Music is the best option.

Kindermusik is an American music and movement program for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, accompanied by a parent or caregiver applied worldwide and now for the first time in Egypt
“Kindermusik with Suzy”

3– Art Cafe Maadi,
Creativity has no end, and Art is the most creative gift can ever be developed. Art Cafe provides a variety of art classes for children, possessing the skills to create beautiful art is one of the most precious, magical gifts to give any child.

4- Diwan Kids’ Workshop

At the Diwan Kids’ Workshop children engage in 5 fun, creative and interactive centre workshops in English under close supervision of professional teachers and assistants for only one hour. Parents are welcomed to spend the one hour in the cafeteria.

5- Crumbs Cupcakes:

There’s nothing better than a freshly baked cupcake to put a smile on your child’s face. Crumbs Cupcakes has the finest cupcakes, they also make delicious cookies, cake, and whoopee pies. And while you’re enjoying a drink, your kid will be having some fun at the kids’ corner.

6-The Pottery Workshop

If your child has an exclusive interest in potter, then The Pottery Workshop is the right place to be. There your child can learn everything there is to know about the craft of pottery, the kind of clay used and where it comes from. It is another place to open up the path of creativity for your child.


Creative Dance and Fitness Centre (Samia Allouba):

13b Road 254, Digla, Maadi. Telephone: 5196575, 6 Amr St., off Syria St., Mohandessin. Telephone: 3020572.

Kindermusik with Suzy,
26 AbdelWahab, behind Al-Fath mosque, Heliopolis. 0173155993.

Art Cafe Maadi,
 62 Road 13, Maadi,Cairo, Egypt.

Diwan Kids’ Workshop
159, 26th of July st, 1st floor, apartment no. 5,
Zamalek, Cairo.

Crumbs Cupcakes:

5 Ibn Nabih Zamalek &

82, Road Nine ,Next to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Maadi.

The Pottery Workshop: 216 Sudan St., Mohandessin. Telephone: 3473445, 3447032.



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