Moez Masoud Sings, and People Are Not Happy!

We live in a society inevitably encompassing judgements. Mix that with the presence of social media and you create a recipe for disastrous negativity. Although we saw many positive responses during the olympics, we also saw negative ones degrading our female athletes. We’ve seen the hate generated towards Fifi Abdo at the way she choses to approach life and address her audience, and we’ve seen many times unqualified people in religion labeling others as sinners and wrong-doers, instilling negativity. Therefore it comes as to no surprise that when a religious content presenter decides to sing a song, people don’t let it slide easily!

“The video received a great amount of negative responses questioning why a TV presenter of religious content would ever sing…”

Last night Moez Masoud – a public figure who speaks on religion and expresses himself mildly through forms of art – posted a video on his Facebook page of him singing in collaboration with Cairokee’s lead singer Amir Eid. The song revolves around a search for the truth using religious contexts. The video received a great amount of negative responses questioning why a TV presenter of religious content would ever sing, claiming he is sinning, or merely displaying forms of unhealthy negativity. We’re not saying it’s the best song out there, or the most impactful or successful one either, but we are left wondering how people can display and be ok with inflicting such negativity. You can watch the video here!

Before moving on to some of the comments the video received, it’s important to emphasis that although Moez beautifully and convincingly speaks of religious topics and had religious content shows, he refuses to refer to himself as a religious content presenter and doesn’t like people referring to him as such either. He embeds himself within other realms as well which all define him. For instance he produced the Cannes film “Eshtebak”. With that being said, here are some of the negative comments the video received:










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  1. That’s because we won’t feel good unless we spread negativity and try to destroy anything new, or anything that gives us a shed of hope in this society

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