Mirinda helps in developing Egypt’s Hidden Gems!

New flavors, creative campaigns and exciting workshops!

Mirinda embraced the innate creativity of Egyptians through a new CSR campaign with brilliant accomplishments and fun activities. The team behind this inspiring campaign visited different districts around Cairo to dig for and nourish beautiful Egyptian talents.

Mirinda’s team toured Cairo to spread the fun not only with its new flavors but through skills development workshops for the less privileged youth in the Megawra district with the Bokra Ahla Team Workshop.


A sparkling chance was given to the Blind Football Egypt team to take part in a phenomenal fitness session coached by Befit’s Head Coach Aly Mazhar! The main objective of this activity was to highlight the importance of the team’s senses. This event took place on Saturday the 29th of October at Befit Kattameya Heights.


A football activity was held in the Al Abageiya Youth Centre at Chipsy court. Mirinda teamed up with the NAFAS Foundation to bring together the homeless world cup street football champions and Egyptian youth in a challenging street football match in the Abegeiya youth center.


Since Educate Me Community School is one of the most active and reputable NGOs in Egypt, Mirinda teamed up with them to boost youth’s creativity through a capacity building art workshop.


In addition to this educational initiative, Mirinda decided to shake things up a little by joining forces with The Capoeira Brazil team in Egypt to spend the day with two orphanages, introducing youth to the mind-blowing world of Capoeira!


For more creative juices to flow, Mirinda provided a very interactive and creative workshop in Haram district to teach the basic concepts of moving pictures and show Egyptian youth how to create a basic flip book and stop motion animation video to unleash their inner artists.


A cool truck also conducted different stops in various locations all over Cairo and a few governorates to give prizes to their loyal consumers who were found drinking Mirinda’s new flavors! Mirinda is also launching new fizzy flavors and we can’t be more excited! Imagine you binge watching your favorite series with Strawberry and Kiwi Pomegranate in your hand!

Let’s build, create and develop our Egyptian talents! We can’t be more proud and excited about this campaign. Stay tuned…


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