Mido Eats his Way through Ramadan

Mido Barsoum, better known as his online persona Mido Eats, is known for his
delicious creations as much as he is for his food blog. Here he spills the tea on all things Ramadan-related!

They say never have Iftar out in Ramadan. Is this advice valid? If not, what are your tips for choosing the best place for Iftar?

The short answer would be: “Yes.” But I personally find most buffets to be really underwhelming when it comes to quality. And it’s very difficult for restaurants to do it any other way. If you know of any good restaurants that do an A La Carte service, where you call in advance and ask for your food items, then I suggest you go down that route.

What are your favorite places to have Sohour?

They are all identical. The best Sohour is made at home. Most people love to snack
on cold leftovers from Iftar, yummy!

Do you have a Ramadan specialty dish? If so, what is it?

I personally go big on dessert creations in Ramadan. None of those repulsive abominations where there’s anything and everything that contains sugar. But more of an East meets West approach. Last year I made orange basboosa and it was quite popular!

What is the easiest Ramadan dessert one could make when pressed for time?

I think the easiest and fastest would be a bowl of Khoshaaf. Just throw some mixed nuts and dried fruit together with some tamarind or milk and let it sit for a couple of hours in the fridge. You’d be amazed by the delicious result.

What are the food items one must keep in their fridge all throughout Ramadan?

Yogurt, Qamar el Din and Tamarind concentrate, eggs, cooked rice or pasta and some deli meat or cheese… But be careful with those last two, as the high salt content could leave you very thirsty during your fasting hours.

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