Middle East Airline’s New “Safety Video” Shows us all how it’s Done and it’s Absolutely Genius!

When we wanted to promote tourism in Egypt, we chose to use a hashtag and let it trend: #ThisIsEgypt. It definitely trended for a while, but did it increase tourism? Not necessarily, and on the contrary, it eventually backfired when Egyptians began using this hashtag to reveal the negative aspects of Egypt as well. Today, Lebanon is showing us how it’s done! With Middle East Airline’s new “safety video” we are left amazed by their creativity and sharp wit! How can a “safety video” on an airplane ever wear out or backfire? People are inevitably riding airplanes on a daily basis by the hundreds, and such a video can never be tampered with and therefore can never back fire! It’s genius, it’s different, it’s promotional, it’s attention grabbing and we love it!





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