Men Gheir E3lanat… Our Binge-Watching Guide

After suggesting a couple of movies to her friends at work, the film guru Yasmeen Mamdouh and her boss realized people’s desperate need to find content to watch while stuck in quarantine. And as simple as that, they decided to create short video reviews of series and movies. Given her experience as a film reviewer, it only made sense she’d be the one presenting the show… probably to everyone but Yasmeen.

“I wrote a script for the show being part of my job as a scriptwriter, but never in a million years did I think about presenting it myself. My boss had me read the script out loud and then basically ambushed me into a camera test where words magically came out despite the crippling fear,” she recalls.

“Men Gheir E3lanat”, Arabic for without ads, is the name they settled on. They picked the name referring to the rather lengthy ads that often hinder the audience’s experience.

While Yasmeen was terrified about how things would go with the show, her crew were more excited, but none of them saw the overwhelmingly positive feedback they got coming! “I get a lot of positive messages of support, love, and reinforcement from complete strangers which is very encouraging and also very humbling,” Yasmeen says.

“It is all very shocking to me in specific, because being on camera is something I never saw myself doing or at least doing well. So, all these messages, comments and views are a great surprise that keep me working to put out even better content every time,” she adds.

The show comes out once every week presented and written by Yasmeen. She’s currently focusing on the hidden gems of movies that you can watch at home during these difficult times. They are also planning to expand to daily movie recommendations, live discussions with the audience and more. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

You can watch Men Gheir E3lanat here

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